Hygiene Protocol

We at Wassan Dental Specialty Center are extremely particular about hygiene management. We believe a clean and safe environment provides not only a pleasant experience for our patients, but also and perhaps more importantly prevents potential contamination by pathogens that may be heightened by a lack of clean and sterile conditions.

First, we make sure dental offices are generally clean and orderly, free of dust on countertops, work surfaces, chairs and other equipment and furniture. Besides general cleanliness, for patient safety, examining and treatment rooms are cleaned and decontaminated on all surfaces between patients including such items as dental chairs, the dental light, drawer handles and counter tops.

We also take the responsibility to the community seriously and thus segregate medical waste different from general waste and also uses sharp disposal bins for safe disposal of sharp items and anything contaminated with blood or saliva are disposed of after each patient.

We also employ following procedures and protocols to ensure safety of our staff and patients

  • Hand hygiene and use of gloves
  • Protective clothing
  • Sterilization and disinfection of instruments
  • Cleaning of dental handpieces (drills)
  • Use of disposable items
  • Disposal of waster materials including sharp items

At WassanDental we are proud to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene.We have a central decontamination room, which comprises the latest vacuum autoclave (class B), ensuring that our clinical environment achieves the highest possible hygiene standards.

All staff are trained and are regularly updated on cross-infection control procedures. We also have a written policy statement on cross-infection which is regularly updated.

We are also proud to partner with Bode Chemie GmbH, Germany , world leader in infection prevention and control for infection control products and training support.