Beyond whitening

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We at Wassan Dental are committed to bring latest dental technology for our patient. It is our desire to provide the best dental care in Oman. Keeping up with our vision we are proud to bring BEYOND the Polus whitening system voted No.1 teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth may become discoloured by age, tobacco use, certain medications and staining foods and beverages. Fortunately this process can be reversed and the best part is that the whitening process is not painful – no lasers, drills or needles are required and you can be in and out within the hour – sporting a fantastic new white smile.

Whitening Studios uses the BEYOND™ Polus whitening system the latest and most advanced whitening treatment available. The BEYOND™ Polus System works on low temperatures and cold light that avoid irritation to the nerves of the teeth.

The Polus Lightbridge also employs 18 High-intensity LEDs in two arches at the face of the unit to further increase intensity and broaden the output spectrum. The result is the most powerful light output to date, with no UV exposure, and no uncomfortable heat to ensure excellent, uniform results with every patient, while maintaining a quick, comfortable treatment.