Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction is the process of restoring or rebuilding all or most of the teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. Some people opt for this simply for cosmetic purposes, but often its necessity stems from a true medical problem, such as:

  • Persistent jaw, muscle and headache pain caused by an irregular bite
  • Teeth severely worn down by long-term tooth grinding or acid erosion
  • Injured or fractured teeth
  • Missing teeth due to trauma or decay

In these situations, you should get a comprehensive exam to determine the extent of the damage and the discount treatment options that are available to you.


Your dentures also need to be cleaned on a daily basis, after meals, and when you remove them for the night. Cleaning them will remove food particles and plaque, prevent them from becoming stained, and keep them tasting and smelling fresh when you put them in your mouth.

We’ll suggest you the best kind of brushes and toothpaste or cleaning solutions to keep your dentures clean. Hand soap and mild dishwashing liquid are acceptable for use. Don’t use toothpastes that contain abrasive cleaners because they may scratch and weaken the denture mouth reconstruction in muscat.

Common prodedures

This drastic treatment often involves a combination of both cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures.

Dentures overnight

  • Implants require two surgeries to permanently replace individual teeth. In the first surgery, we makes gum incisions and drills titanium rods into your jawbone where you are missing teeth. Any openings are sealed with stitches, and often a temporary bridge or denture is placed over the gaps. After several months, your bone will fuse with the metal rods, and then we can attach prosthetic teeth.
  • Bridges replace missing teeth by attaching crowns to the teeth on either side of the gap, connected by a false tooth in the center. Bridges can be made from ceramic, metal or plastic.
  • Crowns attach to damaged teeth to restore their shape and protect them from further harm. Parts of your original tooth may be removed to better accommodate the crown. The most common varieties are made of ceramic, metal or a mixture of the two. Some people find that they get a better discount with the inexpensive metal version.
  • Fillings protect your pearly whites that have cavities from further damage. The removed cavity creates space, which is filled with either a composite or a metal amalgam component.