Digital Smile Design

    Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a multipurpose conceptual protocol which provides remarkable advantages in the diagnostic abilities, facilitated through an extra-and-intra oral aesthetic and structural evaluation. It helps in improved communication between the team members providing a better visual perception, education and motivation for patients. DSD has proved useful in increasing the effectiveness of case presentation and accordingly case acceptance.

    DSD ethically involves the patients in the restorative or smile enhancement process, making them the ‘co-designer’ of their own treatment by sharing objectives, expressing their desires and expectations with the restorative team. The interaction between patient and dental specialist is improved by photos and videos taken at several steps of the treatment. The experiences all over the world have been tremendous. Once the restorative technical requirements are combined with the desires and emotional needs of the patient, great results will be achieved – creating a path to a natural, confident and beautiful smile.

    Nowadays having a mouth free of biological and functional issues is not satisfying for demanding patients. Their desire is to own naturally beautiful smiles that harmonizes with their physical characteristics and most importantly with their personalities. DSD dentists are aware of all the contributing factors that are necessary to make patients more satisfied beyond conventional dentistry. Developing an artistic vision and a set of appropriate skills are needed in order to become a Digital Smile Designer. Each customised patient design can be clearly visualised and improved with the patient’s ideas. Therefore the DSD Concept allows dentists to implement these benefits for patients, creating a smile that reflects their own personality and greatly enhances the experience and the results forall.

    Everyday use of DSD

    The simplicity of this protocol is that it does not require any special equipment, software or major financial investment. Any notebook, tablet or PC, with a basic presentation software such as Apple Keynote or MS PowerPoint present in a dental practice can be used in the process of Digital Smile Design.

    The benefits of communicating and integrating specialties such as periodontics, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery etc. will provide remarkable benefits for the team and the patients.

    The whole concept is based upon the analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions, utilising a predetermined series of high quality digital photographs and videos.

    Analysing them provides a unique understanding of the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion. Digital drawings are easily made on the pictures, following a didactical sequence and a digital ruler is provided to precisely communicate with the dental technician and team when designing the smile. Resulting in a clear, attractive and understandable treatment presentation for patients. The achievement of ideal aesthetic and functional results critically depends on teamwork, interdisciplinary communication and case re-evaluation. Finally the communication data can be stored in the cloud facilitating the access of any team member to add important clinical observations.